axel bönsch   Teacher:
   Axel Bönsch
( Deutscher Tanzlehrer )
Tobias Jentsch   Choreograf:
  Tobias Jentzsch
    (Choreograf des Jahres)   
  -   Avenir - Tobias Jentsch
          ( Tanz des Jahres Beginner )

Thank you very much for your votes which lead to my nomination for a Line Dance Award ("Bester Deutscher Tanzlehrer") (Best German Dance-Teacher)!

And now it comes down to the final vote - and once again I need your help! I would appreciate it very much, if you would vote for me!

If you click on , you'll find the form for voting: just click on "Bester Deutscher Tanzlehrer" (Best German Dance-Teacher), --- Axel Bönsch --- check off, add
your email address on the bottom and send. You'll then receive a confirmation email from Living Line Dance, which you have to click on in order to confirm your vote ( this will show that nobody else's email was used).

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support!

By the way - the presentation will take place the end of July during a Dance-Event in Kalkar - lots of non-stop workshop and parties-anybody who loves to dance will enjoy 2 days of workshops by Maggie Gallagher and others!festival/cn0f - perhaps we'll celebrate and dance together over there...?

Best regards Axel